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Added: 30/09/11

"Childhood being eroded by modern life, experts warn.
"Childhood is being eroded by a 'relentless diet' of advertising, addictive computer games, test-driven education and poor childcare, a powerful lobby of more than 200 experts warns today..."

By Graeme Paton,

Added: 11/05/11

"Singing to children may help development of language skills"
by Amelia Hill,

Against Poverty and Social Exclusion; and Social Integration by Intercultural Education

Added: 25/01/2011

Articles on Poverty and Social Inclusion; and Social Integration in the German 'Waldorf-Hessen' newspaper.

Added: 21/12/09

"Research Finds No Advantage In Learning To Read From Age Five"
Contributed by the 'Voxy News Engine'

Added: 01/12/09

"Steiner schools - has their time come? - Steiner schools are hoping the time could soon come for them to be given state funding. Are they right?"
by Adharanand Finn,


Added: 10/09

"Waldorf-Inspired Public Schools Are on the Rise"
by Malaika Costello-Dougherty

Independent Teacher

Added: 05/09

"Assessment without High-Stakes Testing: Protecting Childhood and the Purpose of School"
by David Mitchell, Douglas Gerwin, Ernst Schuberth, Michael Mancini & Hansjörg Hofrichter

The Telegraph

Added: 02/02/09

"Steiner schools: learning - it is a wonder."
by William Little

The Ecologist

"Robotic Children."
by Nick Kettles

Times Educational Supplement

Added: 01/02/2008

"Playing with their minds."
by Matthew Harvey

The Scotsman

Added: 21/11/2007

"Think global and act on local ways of reaching pupils."
by Sam Phipps

La Vanguardia

"Mucho tiempo para ser adulto, poco para ser niño."
by Ima Sanchís

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