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Light in the darkness - A new perspective to media in Waldorf schools by Eugene Schwartz:

Marin Waldorf School's approach to media:

Adzai Free Waldorf School in Latvia; Students in the classroom and 20th Anniversary celebrations:

Waldorf alumni from the Chicago Waldorf School reflect on what they gained from their education:

Christopher Clouder addressing the Global Summit on Childhood at Washington DC

Africa, Sierra Leone Waldorf Earthship School

"This build is a relief to all in the community and also to those connected to the long struggles to keep the school going amidst government continued pressure (previously). Now, government officials are so interested and looking forward to the completion of the structures."

A Brief Introduction to 'The Connected Baby' a film by Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk

"Babies arrive already connected to other people. That's what a range of sciences is now telling us: that they have brains already tuned in to other people’s body rhythms and vocal tones and movements. It makes them much more communicative and sophisticated than we often realise. In fact, it turns out that their very brain pathways are shaped by the kinds of responses that they receive from other people.
"So, to build the kind of society that we all want, we need to pay more attention to the way that we relate to our youngest children. I guess you could say that science is helping us to understand why it is that the way we love our children matters so much"

See for more details.


"Research has suggested that early and prolonged childhood exposure to adversity, poverty, unsafe and unhealthy environments -- combined with a lack of responsive, protective relationships -- can undermine normal brain development and set the stage for physical, emotional and cognitive difficulties in adulthood."

To view the video please visit the Harvard School of Public Health Forum website.

The Gift of Learning

The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship commissioned a film by ITN to show a balanced overview Steiner Waldorf education.

Prescription for Play

Premier Putin visits the Waldorf School in Moscow

Premier Putin visiting the Waldorf School in Moscow N1060 for an educational meeting and to present the Waldorf School Director and Mathematics teacher Michael Sluch with a 'best teacher in Russia' award. Premier Putin said "such schools are schools for the future".

Support the ACTION ELIANT Campaign

Escuela Caracol 2009 - Lago Atitlán, Guatemala

Ubuntu Waldorf Ikapa Preview

The Goderich Waldorf School Sierre Leone Part 1/2 by Annabel Clark

The Goderich Waldorf School Sierre Leone Part 2/2 by Annabel Clark

Michael Hall - A Steiner Waldorf School

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